Time control and hash:

CEGT Games are tournament time control games 120/40, medium time control games 40/20 and blitz time control games 40/4.
The meaning of 40/120, 40/20 and 40/4 is 40 moves in 120, 20 and 4 minutes and another 120, 40, 4 minutes for moves 40 to 80 and so on.
Given the different hardware from testers we agreed to adapt to AMD64X2 4200+ for 40/120 and 40/20 and 2 GHz Pentium CPU for 40/4. Hash given is usually 256 MB for each engine. Very few testers who have less RAM available are allowed to give 128 MB.
Deep versions: Deep Shredder 9. Deep Fritz 8, Deep Junior 9 and others are tested on dual machines using 2 CPU´s and 512 MB hash. There is an exception for Junior 9.003 using only 256 MB, because there seem to occur bugs when giving 512 MB to this one.


In the first months of CEGT all Nunn Suite 1 and 2 positons were used and also many from Noomen Select. Currently we use mainly books like 8move.ctg. remis.ctg, Perfect books, Powerbooks, Master Elect and Arena books mainly by Harry Schnapp. We have started to use, to a greater extent, a testsuite with 220 positions by Harry Schnapp


Most Testers use 5 men EGTB. Some use only 4 men. Testers using 5 men give 32 MB EGTB hash. Testers using 4 men give 16 MB EGTB hash.


All testers use one or more different GUI´s. Most used are Shredder 9 GUI, Arena and Shredder Classic GUI. Chess Partner GUI and Winboard can also be used. Not used are buggy GUI´s like Fritz 9, Fritz 8 with server update, known buggy UCI.dll´s.


Testers and GUI´s are allowed to adjudicate totally won or drawn games


to adapt the different hardware of testers in CEGT to a standard (currently 40/20 and 40/4 on AMD64 4200+ 2.2Ghz reference machine from Heinz) we perform a benchmark with a Bryan Hofmann Crafty compile.
Charles sends both (compile and table) out to new testers. Just put the exe in an empty folder (do not include a Crafty.rc or a book) and make sure that you only have the necessary tasks running in the background (best perform a reboot beforehand). Then click the exe and type in the command "bench" at the command line. Wait for around 20 to 120 seconds. A logfile will be created in the folder. Amongst other values at the bottom you will find the seconds needed and can just compare the time you have to give with your CPU in order to adapt. This is a repeated time control! In ChessBase GUI´s for example you can give 0 (zero) for all values for second and third time control and this way the first time control like for example 40/24 is always repeated.
For Blitz 40/4 just divide by ten.